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Recycling nature landscaping

I’ve always made use of items around the yard.  When we had a tree cut down several years ago, I used one longer, large piece as a bench to put near our fire pit.  Another peice made a base for a bird bath.  I didn’t like the original pillar for the bird bath, feeling it […]

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Create And Enjoy A Hummingbird Paradise

The North American continent is known for its hummingbirds. Whether it’s the ruby-throated hummingbird found in the eastern portion of the continent or the 10 or so species found in the west, hummingbirds are a treat just about everyone in North America can be assured of seeing at some point in their lifetimes. For those […]

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Baby Hummingbird in a nest

I was looking up information on Ruby Throated Hummingbirds this morning. It’s mid-April and I’m looking forward to our summer visitors. I came across a Daily Journal from July 2004, in which the writer came across a hummingbird nest and it’s tiny occupants: Encourage those little hummingbirds to visit your yard often, by providing plenty […]

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Cicada Invasion – Brood X

Cicadas of 2004 I vaguely remember the cicadas 17 years ago. This time I don’t think I’ll forget them. We live on about an acre. Not in the country, but our yard is surrounded and secluded by tall Honey Suckle. When we first started reading about Brood X this spring, we wondered if we’d get […]

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brok – brok – here chickie-chickie

Did I mention we got baby chicks for Easter? I made sure it was OK with my dad, for us to take them to his house after the excitement wears off, before we got them. Due to Ohio Agriculture laws, we had to get 6 of them. Since we have a good, free-range home for […]

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