Bird Bath Water Dripper – water feature for the birds

I wanted to add a water feature to our bird bath, specifically a mister, something the birds would enjoy playing in. Unfortunately, I’m not in the market to spend much money. My solution was a very easy, budget-friendly bird bath water dripper made out of a milk carton. Items needed: – milk carton – shepherds […]

Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

Attracting Hummingbirds and other Birds No need to buy the powdered Hummingbird Nectar mix from the store for this rewarding hobby. Instead, make your with this simple hummingbird nectar recipe. You only need water and white sugar – super simple and easy to make. Use the following proportion: 1 part regular white sugar to 4 […]


I’ve been reading gardening blogs today.  I came across one that had a composter *I* could do.  Kerry’s Garden has some nice photos throughout the blog.  But what sparked my curiousity the most was the post Compost Time.  This seems a perfect solution to my always wondering how I would make an effective compost pile […]

Create And Enjoy A Hummingbird Paradise

The North American continent is known for its hummingbirds. Whether it’s the ruby-throated hummingbird found in the eastern portion of the continent or the 10 or so species found in the west, hummingbirds are a treat just about everyone in North America can be assured of seeing at some point in their lifetimes. For those […]

Baby Hummingbird in a nest

I was looking up information on Ruby Throated Hummingbirds this morning. It’s mid-April and I’m looking forward to our summer visitors. I came across a Daily Journal from July 2004, in which the writer came across a hummingbird nest and it’s tiny occupants: Encourage those little hummingbirds to visit your yard often, by providing plenty […]