Handmade Soap Recipes and Tutorials

How to Make handmade soap and soap recipes

Looking for soap recipes to make at home?  Here are some of my favorite recipes.  If you run into trouble or have questions, let me know.

* Don’t forget to always use a soap / lye calculator to ensure recipe is correct, even with a recipe found on the internet, double-check them all… best to be safe – avoid soft soap, or soap that will burn.

Use this list of soap calculators to find one that fits your style.

Make Crock Pot Soap Tutorial

How about making Hot Processed Soap in a crock pot? Makes lovely translucent soaps.  Soap tutorial with pictures.

Instructions for Making Crock Pot Handmade Soap

Laundry Soap Recipes

Make your own home made Laundry Soap. It’s super easy to do.  If you make your own handmade soap, it’s even easier (and cheaper). Regardless, it’s very cost effective to make your own laundry detergent.

Try the Liquid Laundry Soap How-to

Oil Properties for Soap, Lotion, Skin and Bath

Unsure of which oils you want to use in your bath and body products?

‘How to’ Lotion Recipes and Instructions

Now you know your oil properties, find out how to make lotion:

Interesting in making your own lotion? It’s really not as hard as some people claim.

No ‘Poo Shampoo Recipes and Informations

The No ‘Poo (no shampoo) Decision and Recipes – If you want to get away from all the chemicals in our shampoos, here’s info on my first go with no ‘poo.

More  Soap Making information:

From the ‘how’s’ to the ‘why’s’ to the ‘ huh’s?’, here’s more information on the basics of soap making, how the process works and how to get started on your soap making journey.


  1. I would like to know a good substitute in recipes for Palm and Palm Kernal oil. I just don’t want to use it. For instance in the recipe listed at the end of your Crock pot Hot Process Soap making directions.

  2. Hi there,

    I would really like to try your rosemary mint soap, but am confused what to do with the tea bags. Please advise! Thanks for the great receipe, I can’t wait to try it! Also, can that be made hot process?

  3. The liquid laundry soap seems to be the best one. I love it.
    Thanks for all these tips.


  4. Hi. I tried to make a goat milk soap using aroung 15% cocoa butter and 24% palm kernal oil. My other oils were olive, shea and castor. It got hard fast, but turned out okay. I need to use my cocoa butter up as I have a lot of it. I tried to mix this recipe at a higher temp and it riced on me. I suspect its because of the goat’s milk. Is it okay to combine the lye solution with the fats at around 80 degrees with such a high percentage of cocoa butter?

    • Jackie – I’m sorry to not be any help, but I’ve never worked with a high percentage of cocoa butter in soap. The only thing I would say is to try keeping the temps down on both your lye solution and your oils.. it seemed to me when I was working with a recipe with a known quick trace, the lower the starting temps (at mix) the better things turned out. I would be interested in your outcome, if you think about coming back to share. Sorry to be of no help!

  5. Is it OK to use any soap recipe with the crockpot?

  6. what is the difference btw a transparent and translucent soap.

    • Transparent soap might be the glycerin soaps? That soap is called “melt and pour”. The difference is in the quality. Translucent soap is what I referred to the look of my soaps made in the crock pot… they seems to have a different look than the standard lye soaps.

  7. I am highly sensitive to any fragrances and looking for a fragrance free goat milk soap recipe I can make myself. Store made fragrance free/unscented soaps still have enough fragrance to make me ill. Do you know of any recipies?

  8. I am a new soap maker and I had a great first batch. Since then, my soap separates once it goes into the mold. It is usually pretty messy and, like a volcano, pours over the sides of the mold. At first I thought it was the fragrance oils, then possibly the type of coconut oil I was using, but I followed the recipe exactly as written and still the separation occurred. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

    • I’m not sure Mike. Maybe it’s not getting to trace enough? I tended to put my soap into molds at a very slight trace sometimes, so I’m not sure if that would be it. As for the volcano – mine did that when it was too hot. Try mixing your lye/mixture and oils at a lower temp (I preferred warm, rather than hot.. even ‘luke warm’ by touching my inside wrist to the pot).. and don’t ‘insulate’ it when it’s setting up. I only insulated my soaps when I very first started making it. The soap after it’s mixed will heat up very hot in the mold, so maybe putting it some place a little cooler – like the basement (my workshop was in the basement) might help.

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    • Oh yes, I’m sure everyone would like a big, room temperature pot of soap to each at their next potluck. mmOmmO… (sorry, I kept blowing bubbles)

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