I follow Upworthy on Facebook. Today, I watched a video about Syria – like a 2 minute ‘history’ of the issues there since 2011. But the little slide in advert that Upworthy shows, brought up a video about a student newspaper, at Sydney University, having been pulled from circulation – because it had 18 close-up images of vagina printed on the front cover.

They had to black out the middle of each image – but when that wasn’t opaque enough – they were pulled altogether.
Why did they print vagina in the first place?

“They wanted to make a statement about the way society views the vagina. They wanted to put them on the cover in all their, kind of, glory to show they are not always constantly airbrushed. Some of them are are hairy, some are prickly, some have big labia, some have little labia. By baring everything warts and all, we’re sort of making a statement: ‘This is our body, get over it.'”

In recent news, we seem the attack on women, our sexuality, and our lack of equality. A story went around about a girl at a festival who performed a sexual act on a man – in front of everyone. He was patted on the back. She was shamed.

“The vagina is self-cleaning and, consequently, physicians discourage douching. The vagina has colonies of mutually symbiotic flora and microorganisms that protect against dangerous microbes. Disrupting this balance can cause yeast infections, abnormal discharge, and more.” – 50 Interesting Facts about Vaginas

The labia is the outer part, the part most visible. The labia comes in all shapes and sizes and ranges in colors. The tumbler blog “Large Labia Movement” says “This blog is all about showing the beauty of large, long, thick, fleshy vulva.” Requesting everyone to share the photos of their labia, to help others, everywhere, to help them feel better about themselves.

Large Labia Project


Lippy Girl explains Functions of the labia minora – The labia minora have a range of functions, many of which may be enhanced in larger variants.

For more interesting reading on Lippy Girl’s page, check out her link titles “What is a hottentot apron?

The Wondrous Vulva Puppet hand makes vulva puppets for education, honoring, empowerment and healing. Taking the shame, mystery and porn out of the conversation of women’s bodies. They are made from velvet and silk and they also take custom orders.

You can buy (or make if you’re creative and so inclined) vulva pendants.

Vulva Pendant


Better Orgasms. Better World – Betty Dodson – Vulva Drawings from Sex For One

Vulva Drawings from Sex for One


Coming across so much information about larger labia, I had to google “small labia” and came across a topic on – the question was about male preference. This answer in particular was perfect:

“A million guys will say they like them big, a million guys will say they like them small but if you get the two million men all in a room, they’ll take whatever you got and love every minute of it.

And not a single one of them will ever think “Damn, those seemed kinda big”

Go with what you got…. big or small is better than self-conscious.”

And a shout out to those guys who took the time to answer the young lady who was worried. You guys were great!


Custom Hand Embroidered Queer Feminist Doula Midwife Vagina Art – Vulva Lovely

Custom Embroidered Vulva


You may not get to see the Vagina on the front of Sydney Universities paper, but if you look around you, there are vagina everywhere.

Vagina is not a dirty word pin back button

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