Fun With Food Coloring

My kids have always had fun playing with food coloring in the bath tub.

I’d buy the little 4 pack from the spice isle at the grocery and give them a few squirts at bath time. Sometimes it would be blues and greens, other times reds and yellows. Sometimes, I’d fill 4 cups 1/2 full with water and put a color in each one. The kids would then slowly add the colors, little bit by little bit as they played in the tub with bubbles and spoons, cups and cars…

By the end of bath time, the water would typically look like I’d just washed a couple of mud covered heathens…

Fun with Food ColoringWhen I was last at the hospital, dealing with a crohns issue, they gave me several syringes to use at home. I saved a couple of them knowing these were just going to be too much fun for the boys! I kept them for well over a month before I finally figured out something to do with them.

I bought new containers of food coloring – and they even had a 4 pack of neon food coloring. I thought that was cool. So, 8 different colors.. We took 8 bowls and filled half full with water. Each boy got a syringe. They used their syringe to suck up a little bit of different colors to see what new colors they could make.

Once they filled up their syringe showed off the color, they’d powerfully squirt out the water and start over. We did this on one of hot September days this last week, and it gave them a few hours of cool play time during the heat of the day.

Before long, both boys ended up shirtless and streaked with colors. I was calling them Alien boys because the coloring left steaks down their arms, backs and chest.

They had so much fun, entertained themselves and though we called it “science”, it was probably more like “art”, or loosely like crafts.. but they learned more about mixing colors, how to use a syringe, and Ella, my little Miss Ornery (Italian Greyhound) had fun too – Ry ended up turning her mostly green by squirting her with blue colored water – because she’s fawn, the color looked green. But, hey, she liked the water and that’s not a bad thing! No pics of that though… I really wanted the alien veins in a picture, ha!

Do you do anything fun with food coloring? What kinds of activities could we do with snow in the winter… hmmmm…. ?

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  1. I did the food coloring in the bathtub tonight for my two kids! They absolutely loved next time I will have to try the “science” experiment. Thank you for an amazing idea to entertain kids!

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