Soft & Silky Handmade Lotion Recipe

This is one of my favorite lotions, moisturizing without leaving an oily feel on the skin.

Oil Phase:
9 oz sweet almond oil
3 oz jojoba oil
6 oz grapeseed oil
1 oz wheatgerm oil
2.5 oz stearic acid (used to thicken lotion)
2.5 oz ewax (thickens lotions; allows water and oil to blend)
3 oz shea butter

Water Phase:
44 oz distilled water
.6 oz citric acid (used to soften water)
1.8 oz glycerin
2 oz hydrolized wheat protein
1 oz rose hydrosol*
1 oz lavender hydrosol*

.8 oz fragrance (optional)
.7 optiphen (preservative)

* hydrosols are option, if unavailable, just up your water amount.

Separated Steps:
1. Combine all oil phase ingredients, except shea butter in a pan or microwave safe bowl. Heat over low on stove or in microwave until ewax is melted. Once melted, remove from heat, add shea butter and allow to melt.
2. Combine water phase ingredients, heating over low heat until citric acid is disolved.
3. Combine oil and water ingredients and mix with mixer on low until cool.
4. Add fragrance and preservative, blending until well incorporated.
5. Pour into sterilized containers

I combine my steps to speed the process, with no ill effects. Here’s how I do it now:
1. Combine all ingredients, except fragrance and preservative.
2. Heat until melted.
3. Blend in a mixer (I have a kitchen aid that works awesomely for lotion making).
4. Once fairly cool to the touch (think “luke-warm”), I add my fragrance oil and preservative.
5. Continue mixing to ensure the last ingredients are well incorporated.
6. Pour into sterilized containers.

Lotion Percentages will provide percentage information, to allow you to make your own lotion recipe. Or experiment with the ingredients in this recipe – each oil you substitute may result in a different feel to the end product. I’d suggest making a smaller batch while you experiment.


  1. Thank you for sharing one of your lotion recipes. I too make lotion. There is nothing more satisfying then making ones own body products!! =)

  2. Thanks for the recipe for the hand lotion. I’m thinking this would be a great party favor at the baby shower I’m planning for a good friend! She’s really crafty, and would appreciate homemade lotions! Thanks!!

  3. thank you for sharing all recipe.

  4. Maria Ayodele AJISEBUTU

    Thank you for this recipe i hope to try soon. Hope to get all the materials here in Lagos, Nigeria.

  5. Do you know much about the Optiphen preservative? Is it all natural? I bought some rosemary extract to use as a preservative, but I am having a hard time figuring out the amount to use.

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