Class Action Lawsuit Against Toshiba

Regarding the Toshiba Satellite® A70, A75, M30X or M35X notebook computers.

Taken from the official looking documents I recieved in the mail November 11, 2006.

If the court approves the settlement and you qualify as a member of the settlement class, you may be entitled to the following benefits:

A 12-month Warranty Extention of your Toshiba Standard Limited Warranty for repairs, effective November 7, 2006.
– A $25 cash payment or a $50 credit voucher for use on toshiba’s website.
– A $35 credit voucher for use on toshiba’s website.

Your legal rights are affected whether you act or don’t act.

If you have one of these toshiba notebook computers, visit for more details.

I quit counting how many times my toshiba went in for repairs, or even how many weeks I lost during those repairs. But I can say that every time but the last, toshiba “repaired” my laptop. Now, I’m not sure if we get a credit voucher for every time they fix it, but it “breaks” again, or if it’s just how many times they do nothing to it… regardless, for a piddley $25, $35 or $50 voucher to use @ toshiba, I thinks it’s useless.

I am so burned on toshiba, they’ll not get another cent from me – or anyone else I can into buying a different brand. I understand that defective models come out, but we, the consumer shouldn’t get burnt on the deal – as in this case.

I can continue to send in my laptop for repairs… but I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle of dealing with CS, (haven’t talked to them in 6 months.. is Eray still there?), shipping it, again and again. My guess is, toshiba is counting on people “getting over it” and moving on. I lucked in to my laptop last year.. it’s not easy for most people to come up with $1500 for a new one.. but it’s on my list for this next year. And it won’t be a toshiba model.


  1. I feel that my Toshiba laptop was purchased under fraudulent circumstances. I had questioned the Circuit City salesperson quite a few times on the reasons behind the “great sale” and was told that it was an end model and that new ones were coming in soon. Having been duped into buying a Toshiba that has had the motherboard replaced and which now, will only turn on after waiting 30 minutes for it to boot is absolutely unfair. The problem with Toshiba is that it does not think that duped customers will voice their opposition to such thievery. Furthermore, they think they got away with something when in fact, I nor my friends, or those considering Toshiba products will buy them. Good luck, Toshiba.

    • Toshiba is a horrible company that has a lot of fraudulent and suspicious activity ! I signed up for their Toshiba app which was 3.99 a month. I used it for a month decided it wasn’t something I need so I canceled it. 3 months later I find out I’m still being charge. So I call again they refund me and tell me it wont happen again. I check my account this morning and find out they’re still charging my account. Now this is the third time. How many other people are they still charging and I wonder if I can start a class action law-suit?

  2. lavalyn you said:
    “Furthermore, they think they got away with something when in fact, I nor my friends, or those considering Toshiba products will buy them. Good luck, Toshiba.”

    They, in fact, have gotten away with it. While many of us who were burnt in these deals will never buy toshiba again, at this point in time, their customer resource pool is too great for a few word-of-mouth (or web) dissatisfied customers make a difference in their sales.

    Terrible, isn’t it? It’s the customer service that pisses me off – I expect issues with products periodically – but poor customer service…. hopefully, in time it will catch up with them and our word of mouth complaints (and others eventual experience) with catch up to them.

    • Yes, absolutely the worst customer service ever and I’ll never buy a Toshiba product again. I hope they go bankrupt! Please people refrain from buying Toshiba products they’re giving our jobs away to foreign countries and apparently customer service is not their number 1 priority!

  3. I bought my Toshiba M35X at Office Depot in May of 2005. It was a great buy… on sale… the demo was the last one in stock. When asked about the price… they said that it was the end of a line and new models would be replacing it. I (like a previous post) questioned the sales person and was told this would be a great computer for my needs. I have only used it a small amount until the past 4 months… we finally got high speed internet…. so I have used it much more. It started with problems and finally just died… went blank. I called about getting it fixed and the repair shop fixed it for free… but I was told the new motherboard would only last about 3-5 months with regular use… and that I was lucky it had made it this far without problems. I feel like OFFICE DEPOT… owes me a new computer!!! They had to have known when they sold it to me. That had to be the reason for the “discontinue” on the model. It should have went back to Toshiba and never been sold!!! I am fuming mad!!!!

  4. What good is an extention on a warranty. When they repair it with BAD parts. I have had to change my main board 5 times.

  5. I use my laptop for PPT presentations training loan officers on critical information for their license.

    I can not tell you how many times I have had issues with my Toshiba M35X peice of crap.

    Five times in shop under warrenty and one time I had to pay $350 because the repair shop was on vacaiton for a week and I went to a 24 hour shop!… No Choice as I had a major presentation in two days.

    I have shelved the Toshiba and purchased a Gateway. The Gateway works great.

    Toshiba WILL NEVER get another cent from me… EVER!!!

    Or anyone I know for that matter.

    Anyone know if Toshiba is offering replacement laptops?? LOL

  6. Wow, I wish I had found this posting awhile ago. I thought I was the only one with a Toshiba horror story. My A75 had issues from day one with the DC jack. It was sent into Toshiba for repairs and they claimed it was water damaged and voided the warranty. They then refused to prove the water damage. I work on electronics for a living so I am familiar with the way water damage looks. Since they voided my warranty I opened the laptop and looked. I could not find any water damage. What I did find was an improperly soldered DC jack. I then sent it back to Toshiba requesting that they repair the laptop under the original warranty or prove with photos the water damage they claimed. They sent the laptop back with a broken memory module, LCD screen, missing foot, broken connector on the MB, and they completely removed the DC jack. They then said that it was water damaged and refused to prove it. Being stuck with this laptop I had to fix everything myself. It cost me almost $500 in parts to fix everything that Toshiba broke and I still had to pay $35.00 to buy a new DC jack. I do not want to even think about the amount of time I spent dealing with those rat bastards at Toshiba. Never again. I have posted this story on numerous forums to get the word out. Do not buy Toshiba.

  7. My sons Toshiba died in one year 1 month. Just shut down. Reason is mother board gone south. What a piece of crap. Should have stuck with Compaq. I hear nothing but bad things about Toshiba. They don’t last. If you make it passed 3 years I heard your lucky. Will never get a Toshiba again. By any chance did Toshiba make the X Box 360. Another piece of junk.

  8. OOOOOHHHHHHHH, here we go again. Why doesn’t Toshiba READ THE INTERNET about them. I have a M35X I bought a few years ago and also got sucked into the extended warranty. Yep, same problem as millions of others, the power jack or something got loose. First fix, an hour away, but they fixed it for free and got it back in 2 days. Lasted a few months, but then it was touch and go. They fixed it again, time #2. I’m not a computer expert, but this “certified service place” seems to know exactly what they are doing. This is when the problem I guess was first noticed. Well, after that fix and a few months, repair #3. It was still under warranty, but I guess it was the extended warranty or the Toshiba warranty (not sure, but I didn’t pay for it), then sent me a prepacked box and it was free. Took it to UPS and got it back about a month later. Well, I was upset about a month later, however, again, it was free. So, now, #4, happened last year around October. Called Toshiba AGAIN. I asked, isn’t there a lemon law. If it was one thing here and one thing there, I can understand. Things break, but it’s the SAME D**N problem again and again and again. Was told it was under warranty due to the lawsuit. OK, fine, Back to the repair shop that fixed it twice before. They were great. Got it back in 2 days again. They joked, if you even “think” it’s gonna break, better get it back here by November 7th.(I think that was the warranty end). Well, a few days after xmas, it started again. This point I found a small crack in the power cord due to it being “pinched” in my recliner. Found a power supply on ebay for $20.00, so I wasn’t too upset, and I’m the one who ruined the original power cord. It started touch and go, then out again. So, now I’m on the phone with Toshiba, call #5. (I think, right?) Anyhow, after 4 people I got a case number and was told take it back to the authorized dealer, and they were to call with that case number and get an exception code fix due to it being the SAME problem. Well, I drove almost an hour away, to drop it off. THe next day they called and said Toshiba was NOT going to honor that code. I called Toshiba immediately. I was on the phone OVER an hour and a half. Talked to a tech who was going to “walk me through the problem”. OK, it’s not here, it’s in shop. Plus, I already KNOW what the problem is. He refers me to a technical support “2” who has more authority. Told him the problem. After explaining AGAIN the problem AND a case number, he talks to HIS supervisor. He answers, “what seems to be the problem”. I gave him the case number. I had to explain AGAIN what the problem is. He answered with “oh, we are no longer dealing with that issue since there was class action lawsuit, we could be sued if we fix it again”. Well, I waited an hour and a half for that!!!!! Plus, I was told 2 or 3 days before it would be fixed. Now I have to drive an hour to pick up a laptop that can’t be fixed unless they put in ANOTHER mohtherboard. Oh, come on. THey know the motherboard is faulty, fix it already. I have since bought a Gateway and have been happier than ever. I told them I will NEVER buy a Toshiba, and neither will ANY Of my family or friends. They were like, yah, whatever. Well, PLEASE listen to me and everybody else on this board and do NOT buy one. Buy a black and white generic brand and I’m sure it’ll last longer!!!!!!!!!! I hope, which they won’t, that they go out of business. They don’t realize a $200 fix on their part that they are losing at least $1000 or more if everybody tells just one person, and they don’t buy Toshiba. I think I vented enough, but I know this group knows how I feel. Now I”m really upset seeing people have had even MORE problems than me!!!

  9. somthing is really wrong with the heat from the plug jack
    i just unpluged it from the computer to find it so hot that it melted the plastic around the ac adapter… that could cause a fire and is a big problem with the design of the laptop !


    Is this class action case still active. I am having the same issues with my A70 laptop and all the links I have clicked on go to a page that has been removed.

    • Nope.. looks like it’s a dead link now. Been a few years, so it’s not surprising. Nothing was ever resolved regarding my $1600 laptop that was useless within a couple of months. I just know I will never, ever buy, or support Toshiba in any way… and every chance I get, I tell people what happened to me… they may not agree, but at least it’s there, in the back of their head. Good luck to you.

  11. Hi Everybody,
    I have a 2 year old Toshiba A135-S2386.
    I read that all Toshiba ending in five (A135) had defective hardware.
    I read that Toshiba is selling Laptops with DEFECTIVE Hardware. My Toshiba Laptop is proof of that.
    1. Defective BIOS: They accepted responsibility for the BIOS problem and did not charge me, in spite of I being a few months out of warranty.






  12. I have a Toshiba A135 model, I’ve now gone through three power adapters, and I called for hours during the past two days. I was stonewalled by management before someone finally told me that even though my laptop is outside of warranty, the real reason they can’t send me a free replacement is because of a resolved class action lawsuit and that if they gave me one they’d have to do the same for everyone. They then told me to buy a new one at $89 through Toshiba direct, with no discount. I’m supposed to buy a product which has already failed me 3 times??? How stupid would I be? Well apparently not stupid but desperate because I needed my data so I caved in today and paid for their “new and improved” version of the charger. Through this site I also discovered the Bios problem I had which caused me to reinstall the whole system was also a toshiba-wide issue. They suck! I agree, no more Toshiba. Many big companies truly don’t care about the complaints of individuals. They gave me an address to send a letter but I was also told that the same mean spirited account managers would be the ones reviewing it, and that no higher-ups really deal with our complaints

  13. I had purchased a toshiba a135-s4527 I had it for 2 years, six months of having it! two of the ports stoped working.Bios was always malfunctining.I’am a Pc Tech my self and know about repairing laptops/computers.why waste my money to have them fix it when i have my personal knowledge on this! Reguardless of the fixes i did to the laptop Bios was the major isue. their was no way around the problems they did to it! and you can not change the OS.
    Aside from this I have replaced the power supply several times in the two years that i have had this brand of laptop. I didnt buy it from them i bought my power supply off ebay, this did not help with the problem. It would over heat the power supply resulting in me replacing it over and over agian. The laptop it self got very hot and the battery pack was shot too. I noticed when i after i first used it on battery only it lasted only 25-30 minutes.Then i realized that it must of been remanufactored! Concidering that i been friggin riped off for a piece of crap laptop. I will never again buy one mroe POS from them again! I payed $800.00 for a remanufactured junk. For the price i paid im jumping in this class action suit, FIN TOSHIBA. I’m going back to dell, They are far better then POS’s Toshiba puts out!

  14. I am fed up with their Idol promises and irresponsible responses by hiding behind the 800 numbers. giving their staff permission to be rude. I have found the majority of communications with them wind up after hours of chatter with their favorite line—- No!, we don’t, we can’t and we will not.

  15. WOW!!!! I had my Toshiba Satellite A505D-S6958 for 1 day and my hard drive blew. Shipped it off. Then got it back and the mother board blew. Shipped it back, then 2 months later another problem Hard Drive blew again, then my battery wasn’t charging, then the mother board again. Now sending it back for once again Mother board…I am so tired of this. I have started a class action Law Suit against Toshiba. I have lost hours in college with my online classes. I have had this laptop for less than 6 months!!!!

    • I told some tech-nerds I used to know about the issues I was having with my toshiba.. and they pretty much blew it off. They all had toshiba… so I’m sure they just didn’t want to think it was toshiba, but just my laptop. Unfortunately, toshiba’s customer service sucks, and so do their policies regarding faulty items. It’s a shame you are having to deal with them. Sounds like the computer you have is terrible too. I hope you get decent resolution with your class action lawsuit too. I think the one for the laptop I had as well as the other 3 models in the class action lawsuit I was watching only got about $45-65 or some absolutely asinine amount. My laptop at the time cost me $1600 – and it was all just wasted money. Don’t back down. Keep pushing. IMO, if you can do it, get an attorney (maybe someone from the college could help?) and really go after them. Just knowing someone could get them would make me smile.

  16. I can relate to a lot of you, I’am my own pc tech, I had numerous problems as a lot of you have, Faulty mother board, Ports that stooped working, faulty Lcd screen, Faulty battery, Faulty power supply, I could make a list at least 10 feet long of problems that i had spent my money on to fix. What i didn’t know was that my mother board was about to wear out and i had my Toshiba a135-s4527 for nearly 4 years. I went to get my laptop check my emails and such and when i tried to turn it on it didn’t work. I figured my kid must of steeped on my power supply, but that wasn’t the case. I pulled out a new one i bought off ebay specifically for the brand i had, rather then pay their price, YUCK! I plugged the new power supply into the laptop and it didnt work. I know it wasn’t the power supply it self. So out of curiosity i opened it up and low and behold the mother board was fried. I figured it wasnt worth buying a new one from toshiba knowing they sale nothing but faulty parts! and i wasnt about to spend 500-600 on a semi working one from them. I wish to this day i keept it for proof but i’am going to jump into this class action law suit. Time we put this idiots on the corner street. Yet their still putting out them shit’s on the market, I was just at the fair yesterday july 16, 2010. I noticed people at these exhibits had nothing but toshiba laptop. I was looking at them and like was wondering if i should say something about the crap they are using! I decided it was best if I didn’t. They can figure it out them selves. Out off all the people working at this fair in Fargo ND their must of been at least 15-25 people that had their brand of laptop. I really pity these people for buying such none sense

  17. Hi Everyone, i have a toshiba satellite A75 SINCE 2005, in 2006 i had motherboard replaced, however i continue to have problems, my warranty expired and could not afford to buy a extended i was offered by toshiba so i ended up buying parts myself with out knowing or being imformed there was a lawsuit involve with this model, then my dvd started to malfuntion so i was told to replace my dvd and i did , paid almost $300 and still kept malfuntioning, then it started to shut off without warnings and overheating and everytime i called toshiba i was told how much money i need it to have them see it……so i was told to try buying a new power cord and i did , lost another 75 bucks there..well, problem continue and on and on.

    Is it too late for me to benefit from the settlement?? last time i called toshiba was last week, mid august.

  18. So what do I do since my toshiba laptop caused my house fire and I lost everything?

  19. I have a Toshiba Satellite A505d-S6958 that was working fine until it will not connect to the internet anymore. I have called everyone and tried everything to get this piece of shit fixed, but nothing works. Do not buy any of these worthless pieces of shit, you will lose money and time if you do.

  20. Screw toshiba They can seriously shove that $50 dollar,$35 dollar and $25 credit up their ass. I spent more money on my Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527. I put more money into buying that POS then what they are offering for all the problems it has faulty ports,over heated power supply’s which i replaced several times. Then the mother board stop working after 4 yrs. I’am my own pc tech and it’s had far more problems then i can say any other brand has. Toshiba shouldn’t even be allowed to continue making shit products, but they are. I’m no longer dealing with their products and i will tell any one who thinks of buying their shit not to! I have an e-machines now and i like it far better then their garbage and shifty service. i will not waste my time to fix their trash just a total waste of my clients money.

  21. I bought a toshiba laptop (satellite c655) in Sept.2011 for my son’s birthday from Best Buy in Oxnard, Ca. A couple months later while recharging it on a safe surface, it overheated and melted the left top cover. My son unplugged it and it schocked him. I started to research other complaints on this issue, and was amazed at the number of complaints. I have been through all the BS from Best Buy and Toshiba, and now what to know how to get in on a class lawsuit against these thieves. Please if ANYONE knows how to get this started, I want to sign up ASAP. I am a 3rd. stage Ovarian cancer paitient and time if of the essence to me. There has to be a lawyer out there willing to help. Please contact me asap. Thank You- Mrs. Debbie Seeger Oak View, Ca.

    • Debbie.. I am so sorry you’re dealing with all of this. When I wrote about this issue with my Toshiba, it was a few years ago.. in 2006. The class action lawsuit with the particular laptop in my post has been over and done. The result was something like a $35 check for anyone who participated. A far cry from the $1600 I paid for mine.

      I would strongly, strongly suggest you get in touch with a lawyer – there are lawyers who will hear your situation without charge and tell you what they think you can gain. It’s my belief that doing a lawsuit on your own will yield higher results than what you’ll get by a class action lawsuit with a group.

      Don’t mess around. Call some attorney’s in your area.. even if you have to ask them to give you a phone consultation – someone out there will be willing to help.. … well.. I say this with continued faith.. even though that sure didn’t work out for me. I didn’t have the same issues.. mine was just a dead laptop, no melting, etc. But, gather all the info you can on previous issues with Toshiba.. take it to the lawyer and let them see this is an ongoing issue with Toshiba and because they are a big company, they seem to be getting away with it.. year after year, robbing and endangering us and our kids.

      Good luck to you – and please, if you want to keep me posted, I’d love to hear how things go..

  22. I purchased a Toshiba Satellite a year ago. It went bland after 2 months of use. It had its hard drive replaced only to go back in 3 months for a fan repai. It stopped working again and went to an independent repair center and had everything replaced. That was November and they had it for 3 weeks. It went down again in January before a big meeting. Hard drive and motherboard failure. Had to but a new computer as I had a conference to attend and present and an overseas presentation. Upper management gave me 3 days to make a decision. Their answer a refurbished replacement with a 90 day warranty. No other options. Now why would I want a refurbished computer when the new Toshiba I purchased a year ago has not worked for longer than 3 months. I agreed but asked them to extend my warranty for a year. I am just asking them to stand behind their product. Needless to say I bargained for an extension as I would not be available to ship it back. I was delayed by weather and health and Toshiba removed my reference number and claim from their system. I went through the whole process again and was now told I would have to send it for repair again. I was livid. Lost my cool and now they will do nothing. I am still in my warranty period. I am taking them to small claims where I will ask for my money back and for income lost due to incompetence and false marketing on their part. PS don’t tell them you want to record the conversation as they will hang up. I have written to corporate headquarters twice with no response. They do not deserve to be in business. I will never buy a Toshiba product again.

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