About Our Soaps

Our soaps are not only gentle, but cleansing, lather (creamy or full-bubbles, which may depend on your water type) and smell lovely as well as being pretty enough to display. We also choose oils which are moisturizing so you don’t leave the shower feeling as if you need to slather on a layer of lotion (though, our lotions feel pretty good, if we do say so ourselves!).

We use both fragrance oils and essentials oils and sometimes in combination with each other. We also periodically make soaps containing neither. While some people feel fragrance oils can be irritating, we’ve found that the amount we use is typically not enough to be bothersome. Of course, if it’s irritating to your skin, discontinue use.

All of our soaps are considered Vegan Friendly, even the ones with fragrance oils. Our suppliers have assured us animals play no part in the blending of oils. Periodically, we do make a soap or two which contains honey – this soap will be well labeled. (Note: our ‘Oatmeal Milk & Honey’ fragranced soap does NOT contain real honey.)

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