Lavender, Tea Tree, Oatmeal Soap Recipe

This is one of my favorite soaps. It’s a very simple recipe. Consistently creamy lather. A wonderful face soap.

Lavender soap with Tea Tree Oil and Oatmeal


Olive Oil – 75%
Palm Kernel Oil – 25%

Lye (sodium hydroxide) – 6% discount

Water or goatmilk (or other preferred liquid) amount per your soap calculators recommendation or your own experience. When I use goat milk, I don’t discount as I do when using distilled water.

.6 ounce per pound of oils – lavender essential oil
.2 ounce per pound of oils – tea tree essential oil

I add powdered lavender, however, if you only have lavender buds, grinding them finely works just as well (in similar fashion as the oatmeal). I don’t recommend using whole lavender buds as they don’t hold their lovely lavender color throughout the soaping process and tend to look like something you’d rather not have in your soap, or anywhere else for that matter! (mouse droppings) How much lavender powder depends on your preferences; I typically use about a tablespoon per pound of oils.

Like when I make my Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap recipe, Here’s how I make my Powdered oatmeal – I toast whole oats in the oven until lightly browned. Then I ground very fine in a coffee bean grinder. Same as the lavender powder, my typical usage rate is about a tablespoon per pound of oils. I also like to add a bit of organic baby oatmeal cereal. I like that it has the extra vitamins. Whether they hold up in the soap process or not, the idea is nice.

Optional: If I am using distilled water, or infused water (e.g lavender tea, chamomile tea, oatmeal “milk” (by soaking oats in water), or similar) I like to add a few tablespoons of coconut milk powder. It seems to give a little extra bubble, as well as a nice creamy feel.

Always run your recipe through a soap calculator to ensure you are using safe amounts of lye. See a list of online lye calculators.

– Be sure to use a soap calculator specifically used to calculator amounts, particularly making sure you have the correct amount of sodium hydroxide.
– If you need to make substitutions within your recipe, be sure to recalculate, as the lye amount may change.
– Remember your safety and for those around your soap making area. Label items appropriately, wear appropriate safety gear.


  1. What a nice blog, and thanks for the soap recipe! I’ll be sending some visitors over from my tea tree oil blog. Ciao!

  2. I REALLY like the idea of the toasted oatmeal. I just grind the steal cut version. Will try your method with some sandalwood for a friend. Also your site is very nice!!

  3. I am NEW to soap making (getting ready to make my first batch soon), but have been making lotion and creams for a long time. How long would it take to fully cure using that much Oilve Oil? I’ve read when one uses high amounts of Oilve Oil it can take up to 6 months to fully cure.

    Thank you for sharing your recipe and for your feedback!

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