A Toad

I’m not sure if it’s a Fowler’s Toad or an American Toad.  I didn’t get any closer than to take a few blurry photos.  I was pretty excited to see this little guy.  He was hanging out right between the toad abode and the shallow water dish I set up under the water dripper. 


We had a really nice rain the night and morning before he was visiting (though, more likely just out eating and having fun).  I saw another toad across the yard too.  They both seemed a little small, only about 2 inches or so.  But, maybe that’s normal.  The last toad that took up residence in the abode was much bigger – closer to maybe 3.5 inches.

I did a search for ohio toads and came across Ohio’s Toads and Frogs.  One thing caught my attention right away:

“Toads eat slugs, earthworms, sowbugs, and a wide variety of insects and larvae. One report estimated that an average toad eats almost 10,000 insects during a three-month period.”

I wonder how many toads I can coax into coming to live in my yard.  If they would just each the mosquitos…… all of them.

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  1. I found one little toad on the back porch two years ago. He was behind a flower pot. We left him alone and now we have 4 toad abodes and some mornings there are 6 toads. We left the abodes on the porch all winter and early this spring I started looking for them to come back. They are not scared of us or the dogs. We keep the porch light on all night, but now we don’t have to sweep the bugs away. I keep their abodes in a flower pot saucer filled with dirt. When the dirt gets dry I add some water. Good luck with your toads.

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