Bird Bath Water Dripper – water feature for the birds

I wanted to add a water feature to our bird bath, specifically a mister, something the birds would enjoy playing in. Unfortunately, I’m not in the market to spend much money. My solution was a very easy, budget-friendly bird bath water dripper made out of a milk carton.

Items needed:
– milk carton
– shepherds hook or tree branch, something very sturdy which is able to hold about 8 pounds
– pin (I used a thumbtack)

Fill the milk carton with water and hang from hook.  At the lowest point in the bottom, use the thumbtack or pin to prick a very tiny hole to allow water to drip.  Start with a really tiny hole – if you need more flow, push the pin back in and make it a tiny bit bigger.f

Here is the first one I did.  The screw on cap is still on this one.
bird bath water dripper

Here, I cut the top off. First, it didn’t seem to have any significant affect on the rate of the water flow. Second, this allows for easier water filling – and catching a little rain.
bird bath water dripper - no cap

I have two of these set up, one over our bird bath, one over a toad bath near the toad abode (toad house).


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  3. Thanks so much for showing me how to make the water bottle for my little feathered friends. Now if i had a few ideas on making a homemade bird bath. I was unaware that i needed to put water out for them since finding out i have felt sooooooooo guilty. I am very excited that it is almost time for our little hummingbirds to return for the summer. A good idea for humming bird necter that i found out is just use plain old cherry kool-aid it is easier and the little fellows just lap it up.

    • Before using *any* food color dye, or even kool aid, I’d take a few extra minutes and read the information on this link. Red Food Coloring – Hummingbird Garden Forum.

      Possibly there is no harm being done, but considering there won’t be any extensive studies done for the hummers regarding red coloring, and even more so because it is truly Not needed in their nectar, why take the chance of using it? Even if your hummingbird feeder isn’t red, they will still come. They are more attracted to red, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only color they are drawn to. I used an orange oriole feeder and they were happy to use it all summer long. I had a green glass blown apple, they were happy to visit (though I didn’t like it). So give them some yummy sugar water and let them enjoy the simplicity of it.

      As for a bird bath – go simple. Use a saucer for a large plant pot. Put a few rocks in the center to help hold it steady if it’s plastic, though I use a clay saucer, but it was sealed so it didn’t soak up the water into the pores of the clay. Rocks are nice because birds like to get into the water that is shallow to them.. so if the saucer is 3 inches deep, a few rocks for the birds to stand and land on will be appealing. Set this on a small table (cheap ones from the garden store) or a tree stump that is flat on both ends and sturdy. Place a shepherds hook next to it and hang your homemade dripper over the bath.

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